The Primary Sources Educational Project

IACT has successfully developed two unique educational projects that were implemented for Yom HaShoah and Yom Ha’Atzmaut, respectively. Both are based on using primary sources – namely, compilations of newspaper front pages of dramatic historic events – to learn about the Shoah and the History of Israel.

The Holocaust newspaper compilation includes 16 pages from various publications of the time which cover the rise of the Nazis, anti-Jewish measures enacted, Germany’s aggression against its neighbors, the uprisings against the Nazis, discovery of the concentration camps, and finally the Nuremberg Trials. IACT produced a booklet based on the newspaper content that outlines a workshop to be implemented by either the IACT Coordinator or an active student, whereby a group of students can examine the newspapers, consider key questions, and envision how each participant would respond if confronted with such news in their daily newspapers.

The History of Israel primary sources project is based on a compilation of 66 front pages from The New York Times which covers major events in Israel. The booklet that IACT has created for this compilation is designed as a guided self-study for students, although it can easily be implemented as workshop.

The accompanying History of Israel booklet is broken into sections that examine major themes: Israel’s creation, Israel efforts/search for peace, accomplishments, and more. With the newspaper alone students can gain a quick overview of Israel’s history by spending 10 minutes browsing the paper. Coupled with the booklet, however, students will be able to refute seven chief accusations leveled at Israel and do so with historic knowledge gained from America’s leading news publication.

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